How it Works

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing for all major credit cards, without leaving QuickBooks!

QuickBooks Plug-In

The QuickBooks Credit Card Processing Plug-In makes it easy to accept all major credit cards, Level II commercial cards and ACH payments without leaving QuickBooks. Process both manually-keyed and card-swiped transactions. Store an unlimited number of cards per customer, and eliminate the need to enter data multiple times.

Process sales, voids, and returns using QuickBooks features including Sales Receipts, Receive Payments and Credit Memos. The QuickBooks credit card processing payment plug-in uses our secure payment gateway, which utilizes fraud profiling and Address Verification Services (AVS). With access to real-time reporting and US-based customer service, this plug-in makes QuickBooks credit card processing and maintaining transaction records easier than ever!

Accept credit cards right in QuickBooks: QuickBooks credit card processing

Compatible Versions

Easy setup with compatible versions of QuickBooks! Start accepting payments with QuickBooks credit card processing today!

Compatible Versions for QuickBooks Credit Card Processing

Compatible with:

QuickBooks Professional Editions
QuickBooks Premier Editions
QuickBooks Enterprise Editions


Automatically sync transactions between QuickBooks and the Virtual Terminal!

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing with qSync


Sync QuickBooks and Virtual Terminal data automatically, without the need to manually upload an .iif file! When a transaction is ran through the Virtual Terminal, invoices are marked as paid and customer information is updated in QuickBooks daily. Scheduled recurring payments will automatically generate an invoice and payment through QuickBooks, to make tracking sales across systems easy!

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