Credit Card and ACH Payment Processing with 1stPayTerminal, the cloud-based Virtual Terminal

Transaction Center

Process and manage payments through the Virtual Terminal!

Accept Payments:

Transact secure, real time credit card, ACH payments and cash. No expensive software is necessary, simply log into the online terminal from any computer!


With secure SSL encryption, the encrypted Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway keeps transaction information safe. PCI compliant with AVS/CVV2 fraud profiling, tokenization and IP & Card Blocks.

Recurring Billing:

Set up scheduled payments and manage future payments. Flexible recurring payments allow merchants to create a payment plan that's best for their business model.

Enterprise Level:

Manage multiple MIDs, locations and users through one payment gateway! Manage ecommerce, retail and MOTO transactions all in one place.

Payment Processing through the Virtual Terminal

Payment & Donation Pages

Accept payments and donations online with our easy to set up, hosted payment pages!

Payment Processing through the Payment Page Builder

Payment & Donation Pages

Accept credit, debit and ACH payments through a secure, PCI Compliant payment page.

Easy Setup:

Set up in under 10 minutes! Customize the look and feel of your page, no coding experience necessary! Customizable CSS and Javascript can be applied for advanced users.

Social Media:

Exponentially increase online donations and payments with the power of social media! With facebook integration, accept donations and payments right from your facebook page! Share pages on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger.

Easy Implementation:

Set up an unlimited number of pages for multiple campaigns. Embed payment pages into an existing webpage.

Customer Portal & Tokenization Option:

Allow customers to store secure payment information through our PCI Compliant encrypted token storage. Customers can manage their payments and view transaction history in a self-service portal.


Automated reporting and receipts make reconciliation easy! Schedule custom reports with email delivery.


Free SSL certificate included.

Tokenization through 1stPayVault

Secure payment processing! Use tokens to securely process customers' payments and protect & secure sensitive card data.

Tokenization for PCI Compliant Encrypted Data

Encrypted Storage

Encrypt & store unlimited credit cards per customer! Store bank account information for ACH Payment Processing with secure data tokenization. PCI-DSS compliant encrypted storage keeps data safe and secure. Transactions are tokenized for end-to-end encryption, giving your customers the highest level of data security!

Multiple Location capability allows you to store data across multiple locations and users. Manage recurring credit card and ACH payments, and schedule future payments. The Customer Portal option allows repeat customers to view transaction history, manage payments and schedule future payments.

Reduce PCI Scope

Our flexible online payment solutions reduce PCI scope and cost to the merchant!

Safe Credit Card Data

Key Benefits:

By eliminating the handling, transmitting, and storing of credit card data, our payment pages and transparent redirect provide merchants with significant reduction to PCI scope. This improves customer confidence, data security & privacy, and reduces cart abandonment.

Transparent Redirect:

The customer never leaves the merchant's website to use the PCI Compliant payment form, which is an embedded inline frame residing on 1stPayGateway's servers. The sensitive data entered on the form is handled, transmitted, and stored directly on the 1stPayGateway servers, bypassing the merchant's network. 1stPayGateway servers can also provide token processing utilizing our encrypted card data storage.

Ease of Use & Flexibility:

Configure the look and feel with customizable layout and unlimited custom data. Custom labels, configurable fields, and set default values help to make our payment tools unique for your business's needs!

PCI Compliant Payment Processing Portal with Transparent Redirect

Virtual Point of Sale

Swipe credit cards with your computer! Fast, easy and secure payment processing!

PCI Compliant Virtual Point of Sale

Virtual POS (VPOS)

Accept credit cards on your computer. Swipe customers' credit cards through the encrypted USB credit card reader that communicates with the Virtual Terminal. Save on payment processing fees and get card swipe rates for qualified retail transactions!

Simply plug the encrypted, secure credit card reader into the USB port of any computer and you're ready to swipe card present transactions!


Our payment gateway allows easy API integration with your merchant account or online store!

Easy API Integration

It's easy to integrate with our API documentation! Integrate eCommerce, retail, MOTO and ACH Payments (eCheck) all through one payment gateway! With sample scripts and sandbox test accounts, it's easy for developers to test and integrate with our payment gateway.

Easy to Use API Documentation for PCI Compliance

Easily create and view reports!

1stView Reporting


1stView is an online reporting tool that provides access to monthly merchant statements. It also has the ability to run queries and create reports, making it easy to keep track of your account.